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Voice over IP (VoIP) as a technology and service has improved in leaps and bounds in the last 10 years. Sound quality, reliability and customer service have been prime factors that have been focused on by the industry in large. Combine that with the growth of high speed Internet availability it quickly becomes clear brango casino review why VoIP has been embraced by corporations worldwide. The only requirement to use this service for your company is a Broadband connection because it sends your voice as "data packets" across the Internet instead of a regular phone line.

  • Make and receive calls using your desktop phone number
  • Show office line as caller ID on calls from Mobile
  • Keep business voicemails separate from personal messages when on-the-go
  • brango casino Listen to your business voicemail messages in any order with visual voicemail
  • View call time, date and return calls directly from call logs
  • Traveling Internationally? Call back to the U.S. for free
VoIP Tablet

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  • Replace old circuit switched PBX.
  • Use your local area network (LAN) to route calls both internally and externally over the internet. This is possible because voice brango casino review over IP is a digital packet switched technology, so the voice traffic can be encapsulated in digital packets.
  • Make low cost or free national or international inter-office calls.
  • Improve productivity by accessing the vast array of features that are enabled by VoIP phones. Some examples are easy conference calling and virtual office functionality.
  • Easy and quick adds, moves and changes for employees.